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Stainless Steel Tea Strainer


Whether it's a star, a shell, or a heart, make your tea time the best time with these novel stainless steel tea strainers. As a heart warming present or an addition to your tea collection, make every cup special by...

Thinking Lady Mask Figurine Thinking Lady Mask Figurine

Thinking Lady Mask Figurine

$45.44 $39.99

Add style and depth to your space with this eye-catching, conversation piece.

White Sage Smudge Bundle


Smudging & Cleansing - White Sage Smudge Bundles  Pure white sage bundles grown and harvested from California Each Smudge Bundle measures 4-4.5 inches long  Hand-tied and stored in controlled air condition environment to ensure it is super fresh when it reaches you. ...

Wooden Wine Bottle Display


Ditch the outdated wine cabinet and add this welcoming, gathering-ready display to your kitchen and bar essentials.

Wrought Iron Wind Chimes


The soft sound of wind chimes echoes through your house as a slight breeze enters the window. These wrought iron wind chimes double as a small succulent pot along with a mystical soothing wind chyme. In adorable pastel colours, introduce...

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