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Blooming Flower Placemats Blooming Flower Placemats

Blooming Flower Placemats

$20.50 $19.99

Stylish place settings can be hard to find. Look no further with our Blooming Flower Placemats.

Boho Kitchen Wall Storage Bags


Keep it Chic in the kitchen all while keeping it green

Boxwood Topiary Tree Plant


Green up the room and wow your house guests with our faux topiary tree! Cut out the trimming, shaping, watering, and fertilizing and enjoy the beauty without the care.

Clear Intentions Candle


This candle in the intention setting set will help you begin a new journey, end a chapter or just clear the funk. Great for new homes, offices or cleansing your space.Made with hand-poured soy wax with extra long burning time,...

Drop in the Ocean Wall Hanger


A modern, artsy take on the coat-hanger! Hang your jackets, coats, and robes or host your umbrella, keys, and gadgets. Eco-friendly, created from oak and water paint.

Handmade Glass Wine Decanter


A must have for every wine connoisseur! This decanter, also doubling as a serving instrument, brings out the best taste in all your favorite wines. TYPE A- 700ML TYPE B- 350 ML  

Hanging Crib Pockets


Storage is essential when it comes to keeping baby stuff in one place. These adorable pocket crib hangers are easily tied up at the corners of the crib for storing toys, bottles, and diapers. They take up little space and...

Iron Grid Invisible Shelf


A modern wall deco piece that adds a beautiful contemporary look to any home. Available in a hexagon or Sphere, this piece is the perfect addition to a minimal, yet modern home. From three colours, you can choose the pop...

Luxury Leather Tissue Case


Luxury is at your fingertips with this lavish tissue box case! This sleek leather case adds a touch of luxury to any house hold. With four different colors, you can make your home feel like a luxurious Parisian flat. Reaching for...

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